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Network and Data Science

About me

Leonardo Rizzo

Welcome to my personal page! I am a PhD candidate in Network and Data Science at Central European University and a researcher at Bocconi University. I am a data scientist with a background in economics and finance, and my research focuses on the economic and managerial applications of network science and agent-based simulation models. Additionally, I work as a consultant in project finance and business analytics. In my free time, I practice triathlon and play the guitar.

My background

Where I’ve Studied

2020 - Now
PhD in Network and Data Science at Central European University
2017 - 2018
MRes in Economics at Université Catholique de Louvain
2016 - 2019
MSc in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi University
2013 - 2016
BSc in Finance at Bocconi University

Where I’ve Worked

2024 - Now
CEO at RR Lyra Analytics srl
2022 - Now
Director at Innovation Policy Network
2019 - Now
Researcher at Bocconi University
2022 - 2023
Deputy CFO at Luxmaster spa
Research Assistant at Banca d'Italia (New York Delegation)
Trainee at European Commission (DG ECFIN)
My work

Research interests

I am a naturally curious individual with diverse research interests. While most of my research centers on economic and managerial applications, I also explore unrelated topics, such as the use of computational methods in anthropology and the legal system.

Network Science

Network science is a foundational element in understanding complex systems, as it connects micro and macro components.

Agent-based modeling

I am particularly interested in its generative approach to science and its ability to study emergent phenomena.

Complexity Economics

How economic systems evolve and adapt over time displaying non-linear and emergent behaviors.

Organizational Networks

The application of network science to intra- and inter-organizational networks.


What are the characteristics of organizations and ecosystems that drive innovation?


From history of economic thought to more traditional macroeconomic analysis.


In addition to the knowledge gained from my academic background, I am continually striving to learn new skills and software. This dedication ensures that I can apply the most current and effective tools and techniques in my work.

Software skills

Power BI

Analytical skills

Data Mining
Machine Learning
Computer Simulations
Financial Analysis
Network Analysis